Recycling of Used PET Bottles

Recycling of Used PET Bottles

Vashi : To increase the collection of used PET bottles and ensure clean environment, Bisleri International Pvt Ltd and Inorbit Mall comes together to start a PET bottle collection center in Inorbit Mall, Vashi on 14th February,2012. The event will also mark the inauguration of India’s first ever plastic (PET)bottle recycling machine for the consumers.

For over a decade Bisleri International Pvt Ltd has been working on enhancing recycling of used PET bottles in India. During the last decade Bisleri has first influenced the Kabadi wallas to collect the used PET bottles. “Earlier they (Kabadi wallas) used to collect glass bottles,then PVC, but not PET bottles. Our contribution was, we imported a PET recycling machine from Japan and increased the demand for used PET bottles as they are 100% recyclable. This increased the price and made the PET recycling market self sustainable”, says Ramesh Chauhan, (Chairman Bisleri Group).
Elaborating on thisinitiative Mr. Kishore Bhatija, CEO, Inorbit Malls stated, “Inorbit Malls believes in contributing to the society and hence we collaborated with Bisleri in this noble initiative of PET bottle collection. This will also give opportunity to our patrons to be part of this initiative and contribute to the environment by recycling the PET bottles. We at Inorbit congratulate Bisleri for their endeavour and we feel privileged to be part of their project and contribute to keep our environment clean. ”

The Bisleri Pet collection and recycling program is about collecting used PET bottles of ALL BRANDS,cutting it into flakes, transporting and giving it to fiber-making companies for making new recycled products. The used bottles are collected from Corporate Houses, Offices, Retails, Restaurants, Tourist Locations, Road and Jungles. At present Bisleri is recycling more than 1000 ton (10,000 kg) of PET bottles through our collection centers in India. The PET collection centers are successfully running in Bisleri plants all over India, in tourist locations like Mahabaleshwar and Matheran, and collaborating with corporates like Merril Lynch, Bank of America, UBS and Jone Lang lasalle.

Bisleri has been working on India’s first consumer friendly recycling machine. The used PET bottles are fed into the machine and crushed into flakes. The flakes can subsequently be converted into fiber for new recycled products. The machine has a sensor meter and is absolutely safe to operate. In future the machine will have a digital screen, bar-code readers and discount coupons for the consumers. The Technical Department of Bisleri and Bio Cruxs (private company) have worked together for last one year to develop this low decibel consumer friendly recycling machine.

This initiative intends to provide an opportunity for the people to recycle PET bottles, since they are conscious of recycling and ecological sustainability. Bisleri has provided a machine where people can learn recycling and share it with their friends and also adopt it as their recycling project in schools and colleges.
The PET collection initiative of Bisleri was started with the idea of ensuring that the environment is clean,used PET bottles are recycled for new products and most importantly that they(bottles) don’t go for land filling. “If we don’t take the responsibility the waste would be lying around. So we should do it for ourselves and the environment and not wait for the government,” says Ramesh Chauhan, (Chairman Bisleri Group).

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