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Better for Business : Offers a proven solution that keeps litter off the streets and reduces the need for other expensive waste management programs.Creates labor savings in stores by automating manual tasks. Yields space and logistics savings as the material is compacted reducing storage space in stores and onboard trucks.

Better for the Environment : Maintains material properties for recycling as material processed at the site of consumption Save fuel consumption by recycling and hence less emission of toxic in air. Decreases transportation needs as the material is sorted and compacted on site, optimizing transportation capacity and avoiding transport movements to do sorting. Save fuel and its burning in process

Convenient and Engaging for Users : Makes recycling easy as the Machines typically is stationed inside or in the entrance of retail/public spaces. Makes recycling convenient as it is fast and clean, and in combination with the instant reward this motivates repeated use. Engages users even further when the owner exploits the possibilities to use the machine as a tool for sales-promotions, branding and CSR-programs.

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